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Dominate Your Job Search with LinkedIn in Less Than 30 Minutes A Week:
Attract Recruiters, Increase Profile Visibility, & Land More Job Interviews


Congrats you just made an awesome decision if you are looking to attract more recruiters to view your profile while GROWING your connections using these done-for-you strategies.

“Do you Want To Get More LinkedIn Profile Views…..More Recruiters Chasing You…and Build Strong Relationships With Prospects In Less Than 30 Minutes A Week?”

Are you tired of submitting your resume to all these online job boards only to never hear back from recruiters?

Are you having challenges trying to figure out how to market yourself on LinkedIn like a pro?

Do you have a LinkedIn profile? Does it enhance your online presence, and visibility? Does it make you attractive to employers?

With a growing membership of 450 million plus users, if you want to be seen by the right recruiters or hiring managers, it’s important to learn how to effectively dominate LinkedIn. Using LinkedIn networking platform effectively can truly help you carve out a powerful online presence.

Most of us have a LinkedIn profile but having a profile is not enough to simply park your resume there and hope that recruiters will come find you. A lot of people are not using LinkedIn the way they should be and therefore they do not always see the benefit of LinkedIn.

I know I used to treat LinkedIn as an online resume platform until, I read several articles about how LinkedIn was the best place to attract recruiters, increase your profile visibility and build your personal brand to land your next job opportunity or consulting gig.

That’s when I went on a mission to rework my profile so that I could reap the benefit of this networking platform. I spend the next 30 days updating, testing, and learning everything I could about getting favorable results on LinkedIn. I become a master at getting profile ranked as high that I started getting two to three LinkedIn messages from recruiters on daily basis.

I discovered a simple system to get the attention of recruiters, without the guess work and waiting around.

I made simple tweaks to my profile, resume, and picture that showed my value…and started to receive daily emails from recruiters. Within three weeks I landed a client project.

What if you could find your next career without chasing recruiters?

What if you knew exactly what job recruiters wanted so that your LinkedIn profile was a sign that said, “I’m the best options, so hire me and pay me more”? What if you could find your new employer and client without begging or sending random emails?

And what if I told you that you don’t have to spend weeks figuring out LinkedIn like I did?


……because I have taken out the guess work and created an ACTIONABLE system that will get your profile from NOT being seen to BEING seen by the right recruiters in no time.

  1. You will learn the tricks and tips that I have successfully used to effectively attract recruiters to my LinkedIn profile and get interviews.

  2. I will teach you proven strategies for building a profile that gets noticed. I will take you step-by-step and show you exactly what you need to do to effectively rank higher in LinkedIn search results.

  3. I will address best practice profile layouts and writing techniques, what sections to include and how to find your best keywords to grab the attention of recruiters and much more!

If you want to get more LinkedIn profile views from recruiters and easily grow your connections in less than 30 minutes a week using my strategy, then sign up for the training below!

…..You will get concise. To the point Actionable system…..

That’s exactly what my course Dominate Your Search with LinkedIn in Less Than 30 Minutes A Week: Attract Recruiters, Increase Profile Visibility, & Land More Job Interviews is about. BOOM!

Who Is this Course for?

Job-seekers and professionals who are seeking to open door faster in reaching recruiters, hiring managers, locating hidden jobs, and building a list of referrals in no time.

Who is this NOT for

  • People who like to complain and never get things done

  • People who like to make excuses!

  • People who start things but never finish.

Over the past years, I have built a database of recruiters in my industry thanks to LinkedIn and have connected with the right people for project opportunities and building relationships.

Here are a couple of success stories….

“I just happened to be viewing your LinkedIn profile and observed all of the great experiences you have acquired over the years. I especially wanted to thank you for linking me up with some hiring managers over the years, which actually resulted to me obtaining one of my consultant gigs. I truly admire your ability to continuously network, while connecting other professionals to those individuals. Keep up the good work.” Marsada Zor

“I am sure you’ve seen my job update. Just wanted to personally thank you for helping me secure this position. I’ve used some tips from your workshop to help me get noticed! Also wanted to thank you for getting me connected to people in your network while I was searching – I appreciate it greatly! Let me know if I can help you in anyway” Aleem A

During The Upcoming Online Training Workshop You Will Learn:

  • How Recruiters Search On LinkedIn To Find Candidates Like You

  • Where & How to Search for Your Best Keywords

  • Keywords Search Tools & Strategies

  • Activities to Perform on LinkedIn to Land Interviews

  • How to Laser Target Your Job Search Using LinkedIn Education Tool

  • How to Effectively Express Your Personal Brand in 2,000 Characters to Rise Above the Pool of Competition and

  • Get Notice by Recruiters

  • ….and MUCH more when you attend my Training Workshop

Why Invest?

  • To Outrank the Competition

  • To Stop Chasing Recruiters, HR Professionals and Let Them Chase You

  • Access to the Hidden Job Market

  • To Promote Yourself More Effectively on #1 Networking Career Platform

  • To Open Yourself up to More Opportunities

  • To Learn How to Better Highlight Your Accomplishments

  • To Increase Your Professional Exposure and Impact Online

  • To Move Ahead of Over 450 Million Other Members in Getting Your Profile Found and Viewed

  • Because You Only Have Five to Ten Seconds to Impress a Potential Employer Online

After taking my workshop, you will know

  • How to Measure & Track The Effectiveness of Your Job Search On LinkedIn

  • Quickly Learned How To Use LinkedIn’s Keywords Search Tools And Hidden Strategies Even if You Have Never Used LinkedIn

  • Best Strategies For Ranking Higher To Be Found By Recruiters & Hiring Managers

  • How to Improve Your Profile Ranking To Attract More Recruiters to View Your Profile

  • How to Turn Your LinkedIn Profile Into-Job-Marketing Campaign

  • Tools To Help You Find The Most Relevant Industry Keywords

    …..and much more.

This system is usually $500 but when you join now you will get the entire program for $297 only!

Plus Right Now You’ll Get $400 in Bonuses…FREE!


1. How to Create Your Networking Personal Ad Card Magnet – Receive my step-by-step Networking Job Ad Card template that will ensure people will remember you after any networking events.

2. LinkedIn Profile Resources – A complete list of resources to help you create the best online profile and standout.

3. The Job-Seeker Marketing Plan Worksheet – Use this step-by-step worksheet to help you organize and
prioritize your work and keep you productivity high

This system is usually $400 but when you join now you will get the entire system as a bonus for $0!

But Here’s another One!


  • Get my Unsolicited Letter Template that I used whenever I want to connect with the decision maker of a company

  • Get the LinkedIn Job-Seeker Profile Checklist – Set your personal profile for success and implement a checklist to automate the process.

  • Get my Job-Seeker Accomplishments Worksheet – that I used to effectively promote my skills on LinkedIn and in job/ client interviews.

Training Workshop: Dominate Your Job Search with LinkedIn in Less Than 30 Minutes A Week: Attract Recruiters, Increase Profile Visibility, & Land More Job Interviews

Total Value: $500

Your cost TODAY: $297

Date: Saturday, November 03, 2018, 3:00pm EST/ 12:00pm PST


WARNING: Only 10 SEATS are available for this LIVE training workshop, so make sure to reserve your seat early. After making your payment you will receive a link to the online webinar training.

If you want to get the same results and let your profile do the work for you, then, click the sign up link today for my training webinar.”

I look forward to having you at the workshop



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